<This mix is a second collaboration with DMammoth. The first half is raga-jungle/breakcore and then DMammoth is bringing it to the next level with the Prodigy. Big up to BMammoth!>





  1. Maladroit - Musicbox Jungle (Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society)

  2. Kovert - Murderous Style (The Don Dj Mix) (kool.POP)

  3. Parasite - Strong like a lion (Clash Records)

  4. Krumble - Ultrash Talking (Jungle Therapy)

  5. Shitmat - There's No Business Like Propa' Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz (Planet Mu)

  6. Stivs - Slew (DSC Remix) (Death$ucker Records)

  7. Aaron Spectre - 1600penn,ftw (Omeko)

  8. Repeater - Poor health bad constitution (Damage)

  9. Cardopusher - Fighters Unite (Brothers In Blood)

  10. Rotator - Jump Da Fuck Up (Brothers In Blood)

  11. Techdiff - Vat Grown Top Knot (Peace Off)

  12. DJ Longin - Let's Get Wasted (Sociopath)

  13. LFO Animal – Deathhall (Sprengstoff Recordings)

  14. Amboss - Ganja Blends (Sprengstoff Recordings)

  15. KGB Kid - Sublime Lion (Clash Records)

  16. The Prodigy-Break And Enter (XL Recordings)

  17. Dark - Shake This Down (Sike Rmx) (Hardcore Projektz Remixes)

  18. Sike - Soundbwoy (Darkus Rmx) (Good Gosh!)

  19. Sons Of Mecha - Rocweiller (Dylan Rmx) (Mechanoise Records)

  20. Jungra Boyz - The Crook,The Thief,The Liar (E2)

  21. Dj Mowgly – Cook, Cook (DHR)

  22. Stockhausen & Walkman - Cast Cell To Grind (Домашняя Коллекция)

  23. The Prodigy-No Good (Start The Dance) (XL Recordings)