<Being a regular at rave parties in the end of 90s, I bought my first Numark turntables at the age of 15. After exploring different directions of electronic music from Detroit and German techno and tech-house to psychedelic trance, hardcore and industrial, I started mixing jungle and drum’n’bass in early 2000s. Having performed in various clubs in Eastern Europe, I moved to Berlin, Germany and then continued expanding my music horizons living in India and the Netherlands. With time, my selection has expanded to a vast collection of music styles and genres, including various forms of techno, industrial, international hip-hop, breakcore, jungle and drum’n’bass, big beat and breakbeat, reggae/dancehall/dub, as well as death, black and nu-metal. I currently live in Washington DC and continue mixing various directions of electronic music, in addition to working on my own material.>